Franke Linear Systems open doors


Franke lightweight linear guides of aluminum are ideal for the movement of doors in vehicles. Lightweight, dynamic movement and robustness against environmental influences are the key benefits of Franke linear guides and allow the use, for example, in trains and planes.

Example Linear systems – waggon doors:

For the movement of the waggon doors the demands for a guide system are sturdy, dirt-insensitive and low-maintenance. Other environmental factors such as humidity, vibration must also be compensated. The linear guide used has the size 15 and meets this requirement with more than 200,000 operating cycles.

Example Linear systems – aircraft doors for cockpit or washroom:

Low noise and low friction are the requirements for cockpit or washroom doors inside of an airplane. Since the guides are not encapsulated and up to 20 years in use, they must be corrosion-resistant and able to accommodate tilting moments. Small installation space, low weight are further requirements. Franke linear guides made of stainless steel meet the requirements perfectly.


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