Franke Slim Bearings dampen running noise


Franke Slim Bearings with elastomer in industrial Air Conditioners

Modern indoor climate management requires powerful ventilation systems.
A basic requirement is low-noise operation.

Industrial air conditioners ensure a good indoor climate in production halls and meeting rooms. They shovel used air outside and fresh air in – durable, reliable and above all unobtrusive and quiet.

For the movement of large ventilation rotors slim bearings are often in use. The loads are rather low and the focus is mainly on low mounting space, in order to get compact design and high lifetime for the 24-hour operation of the ventilation systems. Standard slim bearings are available from many manufacturers and are quick and easy to install. However, their noise behavior is often insufficient.

Silent run for fresh air

This is where Franke slim bearings of the LSC type are the best choice. Surrounded by a housing made of elastomer, a special rubber compound, they convince by an unmatched quiet running behaviour even at high speed.

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