The bearing gets off his fat


Franke develops a lubricant-free bearing.

For quite some time, Franke has been engaged in the development of a wire race bearing, which does not require lubrication. Interesting are those bearings in special environments, such as clean room, high vacuum or in food production.

Lubricant-free bearings are available in the market mostly as plastic plain bearings. However, these bearings have only a small degree of precision and resilience. Lubricant-free bearings made of steel or aluminum are therefore interesting alternatives for applications in sensitive environments. Currently Franke is testing aluminum bearing assemblies with ball pitch diameter 250 mm. Inside it carries a wire race bearing in the form of a double row angular contact ball bearing. The race rings are made of stainless steel and plasma-X7. In tests 2.5 million revolutions have already been implemented with a load of 900 N/mm2 at a speed of 10 rev/min.


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