The special slim bearing


Franke wire race bearing type LSA

The LSA is the logical development of the wire race bearing technology. With the LSA two race rings are combined to a single one. Instead of four race rings as the conventional wire-race bearing, the LSA only needs two. Due to the special profile of the raceways with two contact points on each of the rolling elements, the four-point principle is maintained. The races are open and can be continuously obtained in any desired diameter within the respective limits. Installation and adjustment are just as easy as with conventional slim bearings with a large gain in load capacity and resilience (see table).

 Cross section  [inch]  LSA 4 LSA 6 LSA 6
 Cr [kN]  8  8 11
 Ca [kN] 9  9 13
 Cor [kN]  36 49 55
 Coa [kN]  76  105 117


The advantages of the LSA:

  • Compact design
  • Easy mounting
  • High load capacity and precision due to four-point principle
  • Available continuously in diameters ranging from 3–30“
  • Up to 50% cheaper than conventional slim bearings

Further information on Franke Slim Bearings: Technical details and dimensions can be found on our product sites:

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